Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Word: Apocopate

Apocopate: \ uh-POK-uh-peyt verb

   1.To omit the final sound or sounds of a word.



  1. This one's pretty good too. Apocopate. From apocope, I figure. So...If I say, "un loup," it's actually an apocopated word, because in French you don't pronounce the p for that word. :D

    And though this probably isn't exactly apocopating, you could probably see Candle Jack as a form of apocopa

  2. Wouldn't Candlejack be the opposite of apocopate? And why does it tell me that I am spelling it wro

  3. I will use this word in conversation today

  4. Word of the Day! Where's the next one? I actually like this blog a lot, even though I'm sure it's nothing that amazing.

  5. Hahahaha Candlejack, yeah thats so tr

  6. great info as usual. btw, thanks for supporting me to 300 followers

  7. `*~

    for Aqua Bang ...

    * Pipe-Crossing, Sea Brook Beach, New Hempshire -- 1988

    " Pop The Bunghole "

    Turning my Allotted

    Weep for me
    I of flesh & bone & ash
    I too will soon see

    A sunset just like
    any other forever


    You do the time
    they have a crime

    You've got to keep
    the goddam carpenter
    ants & whores

    the hell away

    Pop the Bunghole

    Yes mighty ass
    assin and if

    you don't kill me
    like any eternal

    game there's hope
    for extra innings

    but please don
    't apopocate !

    -- R U Outavit


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